We have a production facility that can fabricate scaffolding materials in order to maintain a reasonable stocks in accordance with BS 1139.

Site Inspection & Certification

SCAFFCO ensures that safety is being practiced on site, that is why, we make sure that our engineers are trained and qualified to inspect & certify erected scaffolding.


Our rental materials are available for clients that require scaffolding for a period of time at a rational rate.

Special Items

Aside from the regular products of SCAFFCO, we are also manufacturing special items required by our clients, with the facilities that we have.

Design & Calculation

We have highly knowledgeable & certified engineers who keep up to date designs, according to British Standards, suitable for clients budget without compromising safety.

Erection & Dismantling

It is our policy to ensure clients that job will be completed in the agreed time frame while maintaining safety on site. With our CITB certified scaffolders together with our qualified engineers, SCAFFCO ensures that installation and dismantling services is in accordance with OHSAS requirements.