GS STAGE SYSTEM is used to distinguish between different systems that connect horizontal to vertical by means of captive wedges.

GS STAGE SYSTEMS are modular systems for scaffolding which has been developed with one object in mind, to reduce the cost of shoring and to increase the flexibility in erection, supporting, dismantling and storing. They had been proven to dramatically increase the efficiency in a variety of projects. GS STAGE SYSTEMS can reduce the time of erection compared to other systems. It has no loose connectors and can be erected with a less skilled crew. These are no nuts or bolts; only wedges are required to fasten horizontal. They are strong enough to be used in shoring applications and can be restored in less space.

GS STAGE SYSTEMS is one of the main traditional scaffolding systems available in the market and provides contractors with an economical safe method of erecting. This system, designed with flexibility in mind, can be used for a variety of applications and can be erected for straight scaffolding structures only.