Experience and Professionalism,
a Winning Combination

Established in 1980, SCAFFOLDING CONSTRUCTION ESTABLISHMENT (SCAFFCO) started in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, under the name of COFFRAL GIFFIN.

Emerging as one of the forerunners of the scaffolding industry in the Gulf region, and representing worldwide scaffolding and formwork companies such as COFFRAL, SPRITE BRAND and Aluma Systems, SCAFFCO has built a niche of its own, in the manufacturing, sales and hire, design, site inspection, certification and consultation services pertaining to formwork material and scaffolding accessories. Its product range incorporates steel and aluminum from the most widely used systems.
Throughout the past 30 years of experience, SCAFFCO coped with market growth pace and gained recognition, credibility and excellent reputation for supplying high quality goods and services. It has become one of the pioneering suppliers of scaffolding and formwork; securing a non compromising level of customer satisfaction.
Frequently tested by certified laboratories in the U.A.E. and abroad, the outsourced raw and/or semi finished material is thoroughly selected to provide the best affordable scaffolding and formwork solutions to the customers; catering their needs on a case to case basis. In line with ISO 9001 certification, SCAFFCO follows a very strict quality control procedure by randomly checking materials and sending them for testing at third party laboratories.

Going on its 4TH DECADE, SCAFFCO is confident that what started as humble undertaking will continue growing and serving the needs of the construction industry in the region.